Export OLM to PST Anytime using the OLM to PST Converter Ultimate Tool

If you need to read Outlook Mac emails on Windows Outlook, you have to export OLM to PST format. Most people plan to do it manually. It is possible to import your OLM documents to Windows Outlook by creating an IMAP account. While this gets the job done, it is not the most convenient. First off you have to rely on the internet get all your files across to Windows Outlook. If there are any internet fluctuations, then you will have to wait extended periods to download your files.

Export OLM to PST
A faster and far wiser means of reading Outlook Mac emails on Windows is through using an efficient email migration tool. One such tool that is OLM to PST Converter Ultimate from Gladwev Software. This application is well liked because it is an advanced OLM Converter that offers all that you need to make a successful conversion process and what’s even better, you get to do it all on Mac. It truly is opulent in its performance and always provides professional results.

Below are a few of the unique attributes this OLM to PST export utility:-

1. Convert OLM to PST in few simple steps: This is the primary feature of the conversion tool. It has an incredibly easy wizard that you can adhere to and successfully convert your documents from Mac Outlook to PST structure, then, import them to Windows Outlook.

2. Quick Setup: Setting up OLM to PST Converter Ultimate is as easy as a child play. No sophisticated understanding is required, nor does it take most of your time. The easy wizard guides you through the right steps of installation so that you will able to use it within no time.

3. Preserve Unicode characters: This OLM to PST migration tool will successfully avert any damages or corruption to the Unicode content material in your mailbox. Non-English content like Japanese and Chinese remain unchanged, so is any other double-byte content.

4. Preserve all attachments: In this 21st-century e-mail is a primary form of communication. So with email messages, you probably receive a whole lot of attachments. OLM to PST migration tool understands this and makes certain each one of the attachments is converted efficiently to the PST format, without missing any data files.

5. Preserve nested email messages: It keeps your nested emails and does not change them when switching formats.

6. Bulk Conversion: The OLM to PST Converter Ultimate tool successfully converts a large variety of OLM files into PST with zero performance issues. Lots of email migration software get damaged or have issues with their functionality when working with Bulk OLM information. However, this one mainly differs from the lot and has the high endurance to work for long hours converting a vast and batch quantity of OLM information without taking a toll on its speed.

7. Keep Meta-data Intact: Data integrity is a huge concern during the conversion process as some of the data may get lost or changed. Metadata is among this kind of varieties of file properties that customers want to look at. Nonetheless, Metadata is susceptible to loss when exporting OLM to PST. This OLM to PST converter Ultimate tool does not make any changes to the properties of your data. All your info like; to, cc, bcc, the subject, and date is left secure.

Start switching OLM to PST format today by download the free trial OLM to PST converter Ultimate tool.

Download free version now

OLM to PST converter


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